New Strategies for Anesthesia

Increasingly, complex interventional medical procedures now being performed in Non-OR locations frequently require the participation of anesthesiologists. This is the result of rapid technological advancement together with the growing acuity of an ageing patient population. As the catalogue of effective, minimally invasive, non-surgical approaches grows, need for consistent, effective and systematic collaboration between anesthesiologists and medical specialists becomes more urgent. Because so many of the procedures are new, and because anesthesiologists and medical providers do not have an established platform of mutual training, a focused effort is necessary.

Care fragmentation and poor communication can create situations in which anesthesiologists are asked to attend patients who do not need such support, but also they are not being asked to participate where their presence is advisable — until crises develop. As a result, Medical Interventionalists can feel that their needs are not being met. Experience across the country indicates that when interdisciplinary collaboration truly integrates anesthesiology services and the procedural needs of interventionalists, outcomes are optimized.

Extending contemporary anesthesiology practice to include the realm of these medical specialists is critical to success. It has become clear that we must expand the perimeter of “standard” anesthesiology practice in an organized and efficient manner.

We need clear safety standards, comprehensible benchmarks, procedural guidelines, educational and scientific platforms. Development of mutually acceptable service delivery models, addressing both outcome and efficiency in Non-OR locations, is required. SONORIA- the Society of Non OR Interventions with Anesthesia seeks to bridge the gap between medicine and anesthesiology in synergy, to achieve our mutual goal: to provide the best possible care for patients undergoing interventional medical procedures outside of the OR.